Program Coordinators

Terrianna Singletary


Major: Japanese, Psychology

Other Campus Involvement: Hunger and Homelessness Intern, Peer Career Ambassado

Trevor Greggs

CAB Live

Major: Communications (Public Relations)

Other Campus Involvement: 100 Black Women, EntrepenueHER, Voices of Eden

Juanita Williams


Major: Communication

Minor: Psychology

Other Campus Involvement: D.I.V.A.S, College Buddies

Jordan Smith

CAB Live

Major: Meterology

Why CAB? I wanted to become intereactive on campus and I felt CAB was a grea way to start. 

Liam McMahon

CAB Live

Major: Music Education

Oher Campus Involvement:  Phi Mu Alpha

Kadeah Mott

Daytime Niners

Major: Psychology/ Health Communications

Other Campus Involvements: VOE Gospel Choir, NAACP

Why CAB? I enjoy working as part of a team and also planning events. I also enjoy being able to make my ideas and visions happen. I am a people person!

Fun Fact: I love the Lord... and I love to eat! I also enjoy cooking and singing!


DeVanté Thomas-Pittman

Daytime Niners

Major: French, German

Minor: Italian 

Other Campus Involvement: French Club

Abdul Ceesay

Special Events

Major: Chemistry

Other Campus Involvement: OAS, TFWS, NSBE, NSLS, Orientation Counselor, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., PRODUCE, B3

RJ Chisolm

Special Events

Major: Exercise Science

Other Campus Involvement: Orientation Counselor, SGA Exec, JM Mentoring, B3, OAS

Erica Kelly

Special Events

Major: Kinesiology (Pre-Med Track)

Minor: Africana Studies

Other Campus Involvement: Voices of Eden Gospel Choir, Black Student Union


CAB Sponsors

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